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Want updates on New Books, Cover Art, and special sales?

Here are my book series so far...

I do not currently have a store set up, but if you are interested in a signed copy, please contact me here. Right now I am selling signed copies for $15/each which includes shipping in the lower 48. (International shipping fees may apply)

For audiobooks, please visit the individual series page or the audiobooks page.

Currently, I have two active series:

Leap of Faith 002.jpg
XP Unlocked final cover.jpg

Book One Out Now!

Getting in was easy. Getting out will be the challenge of their lives.

Trapped on opposite ends of an immersive virtual reality fantasy game world, Evan and his sister Audyn embark on a quest where the choices they make can tip the scales of life and death. Their only hope lies in learning magic, crafting, skills, and forming unlikely alliances, to confront an evil intent on destroying them.

They must rely on the power they find both within the world and themselves to survive, before they are locked in forever.


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